A better creative Solution

As your business grows – you’ll need a variety of creative services. Do you want to have to search for a bunch of different sources – or how about ONE really good one like G-Force Creative?

Better Web Design

Expert WordPress Website Designer/Developer that combines design skills with technical knowledge – that will take your website to the next level.

Expert Graphic Designer

Extreme versatility – tons of talent & experience will help your business look its best, build its brand, and get results. Design + Strategy + Relationship = Great Results.

Go-to Marketing Ally

I am your go-to-guy for all kinds of marketing support. I’ve worked with business owners and marketing departments of all sizes for over 30+ years – so I know how to collaborate.

Welcome to G-Force Creative!

When you‘re running a small business, you know how hard it is to find really good, reliable graphic design, and website help. You want it done right – it needs to be easy, responsive, and reasonable. Time for a “better creative solution” – you’ve found it!

Agency-like work –
without the agency-like cost.

Great Design is more than making stuff “look good”,  it needs to tell your story and get results. It takes a combination of creative talent and expert understanding of processes to produce the best work. From concept to completion G-Force Creative has a simple goal — deliver the best work — in less time — for less cost. Oh yeah, and make it easy!

G-Force Creative


Websites Designed

Happy Clients & Counting

Successful Projects

G-Force Creative Services


Graphic Design

Senior Designer

When you need a top-notch designer that is easy to work with, is reliable, reasonable – and gets it done quickly.

Marketing Ally

30+ yrs of being a go-to-guy

Working with business owners and marketing departments of all sizes, I continue to refine my creative design skills and website expertise.


WordPress Webmaster

You’ve got a business to run and your website should be a valuable piece to grow your business. I’ve got you covered – expert care from beginning to end!


Relax I’ve got it.

I know how to solve you issues, and you can call anytime 24/7. What a relief!


Brand Matters

I’ll bring your company’s story and visual identity to life in today’s multimedia world. Let’s build a strong brand identity across all touch points.

Web Hosting

Deluxe Managed Hosting

I set up & manage hosting, daily backups, security, update plugins & themes all for only $30 per month.

Greg Kimmes

I’m the “G” in G-Force Creative

I made the move to freelancing because I love working directly with clients and small businesses to serve their creative needs. This allows me to provide the greatest value and make the biggest difference. I strive to continually learn and have new experiences every day that help make me even better. Providing maximum value – is the main reason I made the move to freelancing!

I started in small creative studios working lots of Minneapolis-based businesses, then spent 14 years as a Director of Creative Services a Fortune 100 company, then in-house at a couple of small businesses. Now I bring all that accumulated talent & experience directly to my clients – and I love being able to do it!

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A better Creative Solution for all your needs – when you want a top-notch designer that is easy to work with, is reliable, reasonable – and gets it done fast. Let’s Talk.