A better creative Solution

As your business grows – you’ll need a variety of creative services. Do you want to have to search for a bunch of different sources – or – how about ONE Really Good One like G-Force Creative?

Better Web Design

Expert WordPress Website Designer/Developer that combines design skills with technical knowledge – that will take your website to the next level.

Expert Graphic Designer

Extreme versatility – tons of talent & experience will help your business look its best, build its brand, and get results. Design + Strategy + Relationship = Great Results.

Go-to Marketing Ally

I am your go-to-guy for all kinds of marketing support. I’ve worked with business owners and marketing departments of all sizes for over 30+ years – so I know how to collaborate.

Welcome to G-Force Creative!

When you‘re running a small business, you know how hard it is to find outstanding, reliable graphic design and website help. You want it done right – it needs to be easy, responsive, and reasonable. Time for a “better creative solution” – you’ve found it!

I’ve been climbing with Pinnacle since the beginning

I have been Greg Cleary’s go-to graphics & web guy for several years now – long before he created Pinnacle Business Guides. One of my biggest strengths is my responsiveness – I can quickly get a website up, help develop branding, design a tool, supply graphics, even build online stores – my versatilty is number two.

I have enjoyed the opportunity to help many Pinnacle Business Guides as they’ve come aboard, and continue to do work with lots of them. If we haven’t had a chance to work together yet, I look forward to helping you along your climb.

Agency-like work –
without the agency-like cost.

Great Design is more than making stuff “look good”,  it needs to tell your story and get results. It takes a combination of creative talent and expert understanding of processes to produce the best work. From concept to completion G-Force Creative has a simple goal — deliver the best work — in less time — for less cost. Oh yeah, and make it easy!

G-Force Creative


Websites Designed

Happy Clients & Counting

Successful Projects

G-Force Creative Services


Graphic Design

Senior Designer

When you need a top-notch designer that is easy to work with, is reliable, reasonable – and gets it done quickly.

Marketing Ally

30+ yrs of being a go-to-guy

Working with business owners and marketing departments of all sizes, I continue to refine my creative design skills and website expertise.


WordPress Webmaster

You’ve got a business to run and your website should be a valuable piece to grow your business. I’ve got you covered – expert care from beginning to end!


Relax I’ve got it.

I know how to solve you issues, and you can call anytime 24/7. What a relief!


Brand Matters

I’ll bring your company’s story and visual identity to life in today’s multimedia world. Let’s build a strong brand identity across all touch points.

Web Hosting

Deluxe Managed Hosting

I set up & manage hosting, daily backups, security, update plugins & themes all for only $30 per month.

Greg Kimmes

I’m the “G” in G-Force Creative

I made the move to freelancing because I love working directly with clients and small businesses to serve their creative needs. This allows me to provide the greatest value and make the biggest difference. I strive to continually learn and have new experiences every day that help make me even better. Providing maximum value – is the main reason I made a move to freelancing!

I started my career in small creative studios working for lots of large Minneapolis-based businesses, then spent 14 years as a Director of Creative Services at a Fortune 100 company, then a couple more years inhouse with 2 smaller businesses as their Webmaster. Now, I bring all my accumulated talent & experience directly to my clients – and I love doing it!

What my clients say

  • Wow, Greg – what a phenomenal job you did on my Resources tab, as well as the entire website refresh!! It turned out much better than I anticipated!

    Thank you again!!

    Darren Stich

  • "Greg is a HERO. I’ve never worked with anyone as fast and as productive as he is. He makes business easy."

    Certified Pinnacle Business Guide

  • "Greg did an outstanding job creating my logo and developing my website. He was easy to work with, gave great suggestions, incorporated my ideas, was fast, and reasonably priced. Highly recommend!"

    Dawn Clarke

  • "I really appreciate the work you did on my website. Looks worlds better than my previous version.
    First time I've ever been 100% happy with my website!"

    John Fulwider – Gear 80

  • "Wow, you are quick! Love where it is going overall. I've sent it to the group for their review... AWESOME!
    You're a Rockstar!"

    Rebecca Lockwood, Obtain Traction

  • "Greg is amazing! He is fast, responsive, thoughtful, and a damn fine designer. On top of that, he is friendly and a pleasure to work with. I have referred him to trusted partners in my business and I continue to work with him.
    I cannot recommend him highly enough."

    Richard Palmer-Smith, Peak Traction

  • "Greg's a GREAT website designer at a reasonable cost. I look forward to continuing to work with him. He’s hosting our sites and keeps everything running smoothly, he's quick to make edits, and has helped us build an effective PPC campaign – he's a great go-to resource."

    Jessica Stackpoole - Needle Movers

  • "I’d like to introduce you to a good friend and a great marketing resource. He has 30+ years’ experience. His rates are the best deal around for his level of talent. Greg is my "Graphic Guru", he does amazing work, he's fast and I highly recommend him."

    Greg Cleary - Pinnacle Business Guide

  • "Bless you, my friend. You’re the fastest solution provider I’ve ever worked with. If there’s ever anything I can do for you please let me know."

    Philip Pfiefer - Experience Traction

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A better Creative Solution for all your needs – when you want a top-notch designer that is easy to work with, is reliable, reasonable – and gets it done fast. Let’s Talk.