Let's Customize Your

Pinnacle Audition Book

Congratulations on becoming a Pinnacle Business Guide.

One of the first tools you’ll need is your version of the Pinnacle Audition Book.

I’ll customize a couple of the pages at no charge to you (part of your membership).
I’ll just need a few things from you…

If the pages below don’t work for you – we’ll create something that does work. Just give me a call.

Note: Pinnacle Business Guides covers edits to the two pages below. Additional edits are available at your own expense, please contact me to discuss and I will provide an estimate.

Logo Page

This page is where you can display a selection of companies and organizations you have coached or guided throughout your great career. This will provide instant credibility and shows your range of industries and market verticals. They can be .jpg, .png, .pdf, .eps, .ai – (in color is fine), since I will convert to black and white (which is the Pinnacle brand standard). If you can’t locate the logos, provide me the URLs of their website and I can usually Google search adequate quality.

Maybe this format doesn’t work well for you.
We can adjust layout to your needs – see some examples.

Back Cover

I’ll add your contact info along with your Certified Pinnacle Business Guide Badge.

I’ll use your info from order or email signature.

Don’t worry, you’ll get a PDF to approve before going to print.

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  • "Greg is a HERO. I’ve never worked with anyone as fast and as productive as he is. He makes business easy."

    Certified Pinnacle Business Guide

  • "I really appreciate the work you did on my website. Looks worlds better than my previous version.
    First time I've ever been 100% happy with my website!"

    John Fulwider – Gear 80

  • "Wow, you are quick! Love where it is going overall. I've sent it to the group for their review... AWESOME!
    You're a Rockstar!"

    Rebecca Lockwood, Obtain Traction

  • "Greg is amazing! He is fast, responsive, thoughtful, and a damn fine designer. On top of that, he is friendly and a pleasure to work with. I have referred him to trusted partners in my business and I continue to work with him.
    I cannot recommend him highly enough."

    Richard Palmer-Smith, Peak Traction

  • "I’d like to introduce you to a good friend and a great marketing resource. He has 30+ years’ experience. His rates are the best deal around for his level of talent. Greg is my "Graphic Guru", he does amazing work, he's fast and I highly recommend him."

    Greg Cleary - Pinnacle Business Guide

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