Checklist Manifesto – 20pg



by Atul Gawande


Learn how to get things right in an increasingly complex world!

Checklists are not just about ticking boxes and mindlessly following protocol. When correctly applied, they can be used to facilitate communication, teamwork and discipline to solve a wide range of problems. These are vital in uncertain, high-stakes situations and an increasingly complex environment. . Concerned by the number of errors in the medical field—many of which are fatal—surgeon Atul Gawande set out to investigate the possible causes and solutions to such avoidable failures. He discovered a simple but powerful solution to getting things right: using checklists. In The Checklist Manifesto summary, we’ll outline Gawande’s learning journey and key insights on how to use and develop checklists

Here are some powerful insights you can expect from this summary:
• Understand why smart, highly-trained, and experienced people make avoidable mistakes regularly, and what can be done to address it;
• Find out the differences between simple, complicated and complex problems, and how you can use checklists to address; and
• Learn how you can develop effective checklists and use them to address a range of problems.