Death by Meeting – 16pg


DEATH BY MEETING: A Leadership Fable About Solving the Most Painful Problem in Business

By Patrick Lencioni


Discover how to transform your meetings to make them engaging and productive!

Meetings are critical to our work, yet most of us dread meetings as they’re often draggy and useless. Great meetings help people to pool resources and knowledge to solve problems and make sound decisions, while bad meetings are painful, a waste of time and resources, and lead to bad decisions.

This book offers a simple, practical solution to make your meetings more effective and enjoyable. Lencioni uses a fable to illustrate the dynamics behind meetings, how they can affect organizational outcomes, and how you can use a simple but powerful model to run meetings effectively.

Here are some powerful ideas you can expect to learn from the book:
• Understand the 2 key problems behind meetings, and how you can overcome them;
• Learn how to use the “hook” and mine for conflict, to bring energy and constructive debate back into your meetings; and
• Find out how to create contextual structure with 4 types of meetings, and how to run each one effectively to suit different objectives.