The One Thing – 16pg


THE ONE THING: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results

by Gary Keller


Learn the ONE Thing that can trigger the Domino Effect for extra-ordinary results!

Keller has identified that there’s ONE Thing that’s behind every successful person or organization. He shows how we can get more with less, to get extra-ordinary results and lead an extra-ordinary life with:

– Less distractions and things to do

– More productivity, income, satisfaction, time etc.


In this powerful book, you’ll:

• Learn how to use the Focusing Question to define your Big Why, your immediate next steps, and find great answers;

• Discover how to harness the power of geometric progression and create a positive domino-effect in your life;

• Uncover the 6 myths of success and how to banish them;

• Find out how to align your purpose, priorities and actions for greater effectiveness and lasting happiness; and

• Learn how to boost your productivity with Time Blocking, the 3 Key Commitments and managing the 4 Thieves of Productivity.