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Was referred to them after they grew frustrated with old website design company, they weren’t getting the design or service they were looking for. They also were have issues with hosting. I assessed the situation, moved to new hosting, set up development site to establish a new fresh design that the team was happy with. Then I made new design the live website and have continued to maintain and help with content changes, newsletters, adding webinars and team updates.

All Star team’s single passion is to serve their clients, and their first and only loyalty is to their client’s success.To accomplish that, they pride ourselves on maintaining a completely unbiased approach to investment management.

Thank you so very much for your time yesterday helping us take the next step.  We feel very confident that you will do a great job and look forward to working with you as one of our most important partners.

Robert Klefsaas, CFP, AIF, CFDA

CEO, All Star Financial


All Star Financial



Oct, 2019 – Present




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