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This effort came out of the COVID-19 Pandemic. This Management group hired me to firste set up the parent company website, then “Fenix Safety Solutions” to offer businesses products to create safe environments, and lastly a site for safety audits. I worked with the team to build three websites that they collaborated on to get these three websites up quickly to respond to crisis needs

Fenix’s third-party audits provide unbiased and extensive insight into health and sanitation processes and procedures. Their global network of consultants engage in onsite audits, in which they evaluate your existing processes and procedures to ensure compliance with local health and safety codes, and industry best practices. The FENIX Audit and certification process provides both peace of mind to your customers and employees, and limits your exposure to liability from both, and non-compliance with governmental regulations.


Website really looks awesome. Thank you! GREAT WORK!!!!
It really looks amazing.

Kimberly Nasief

CEO, Fenix Safety Audits


Fenix Management Advisors



April 2020 – Present




Graphic Design, Web Design, Hosting, HTML

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