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These postcards are handed out as a leave behind and inspire stronger leadership skills with clients. The backside is branded with logo and contact info and used as a promo to keep Greg top of mind with his clients. He is able to select different messages that will resonate with each client or potential client.

Greg would fire over a quote he found that he wanted to be made into a postcard handout – and I would design the 5×7 postcards (front & back) as print-ready PDFs. I also can help to manage the printing if desired.

Clients love these postcards. I select the ones that I think are the most relevant for their leadership team. They act as a subtle reminder of who to contact when they need a Business Guide and it’s always visible in their office. They keep me top of mind.

Greg Cleary

Founder, Pinnacle Business Guides


Greg Cleary



2018 – Present




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