Outside the box!

Creative Services

As your business grows – you’ll need a variety of creative services. Do you want to have to search for
a bunch of different sources – or how about ONE really good one?

From concept to completion, my goal is simple: deliver the best work — in less time —  for less money.

Wordpress Websites

WordPress web designer and developer, creating beautiful and easy to use WordPress websites. I offer full-service design and development, including prototyping, UI/UX design, full-stack WordPress development, testing, hosting, maintenance, and deployment. I can handle all that technical stuff and make it look great too!

Graphic Design

Great design is more than knowing how to use color, typography, and some cool imagery. It’s understanding how to visually communicate to educate, inspire, and move people to action. I combine creative talent with expert knowledge of processes to produce the best work. From concept to completion my goal is simple — deliver the best work — in less time — and for less cost.

Logo & Branding

Your logo is the keystone to your brand, and your brand is the visual interpretation of what you would like to say about your business. Companies that understand the importance of a well-constructed brand will reap the benefits. I love designing logos and enjoy working with businesses to create and develop their brand.


All the Other Stuff

When you need graphics for your social profiles, help with a PowerPoint, some trade show banners designed – I’ve got it covered. I know how to get the specs and design files you need to check-off all your needs. I can create HTML emails, do some video editing or creation, help with signage, or packaging – you name it, I’ve got you covered.

What my clients say

  • Wow, Greg – what a phenomenal job you did on my Resources tab, as well as the entire website refresh!! It turned out much better than I anticipated!

    Thank you again!!

    Darren Stich

  • "Greg is a HERO. I’ve never worked with anyone as fast and as productive as he is. He makes business easy."

    Certified Pinnacle Business Guide

  • "Greg did an outstanding job creating my logo and developing my website. He was easy to work with, gave great suggestions, incorporated my ideas, was fast, and reasonably priced. Highly recommend!"

    Dawn Clarke

  • "I really appreciate the work you did on my website. Looks worlds better than my previous version.
    First time I've ever been 100% happy with my website!"

    John Fulwider – Gear 80

  • "Wow, you are quick! Love where it is going overall. I've sent it to the group for their review... AWESOME!
    You're a Rockstar!"

    Rebecca Lockwood, Obtain Traction

  • "Greg is amazing! He is fast, responsive, thoughtful, and a damn fine designer. On top of that, he is friendly and a pleasure to work with. I have referred him to trusted partners in my business and I continue to work with him.
    I cannot recommend him highly enough."

    Richard Palmer-Smith, Peak Traction

  • "Greg's a GREAT website designer at a reasonable cost. I look forward to continuing to work with him. He’s hosting our sites and keeps everything running smoothly, he's quick to make edits, and has helped us build an effective PPC campaign – he's a great go-to resource."

    Jessica Stackpoole - Needle Movers

  • "I’d like to introduce you to a good friend and a great marketing resource. He has 30+ years’ experience. His rates are the best deal around for his level of talent. Greg is my "Graphic Guru", he does amazing work, he's fast and I highly recommend him."

    Greg Cleary - Pinnacle Business Guide

  • "Bless you, my friend. You’re the fastest solution provider I’ve ever worked with. If there’s ever anything I can do for you please let me know."

    Philip Pfiefer - Experience Traction

Pricing Options

If you research the market you'll see most designers of my experience & skill level bill at $150+ per hour – no kidding, I'm a deal!